Sunday, August 2, 2009

Estate Sale Finds, silver and a place to store it

I found some great thrifty finds at estate sales this week. I had one big purchase. This harp leg sewing table was $145 - too much for my budget. It was really beautiful, and I had been looking for something like this with drawers to keep silver flatware. I ended up putting a bid on the table for $50, and I got it!
Though still expensive, I think I got a really good deal, and I am very happy with it.
The details are beautiful and the shape of the legs is so unique. (You might notice the mirror over the table as my mirror metamorphosis project from a few weeks ago).
I went to Joann Fabric and bought some silver cloth (specially treated fabric to prevent tarnishing) to line the drawers.
Now I have a new place to store all my great silver serving estate finds! And speaking of...
I found a few serving pieces. This great ladle, and meat fork, same pattern. And a beautiful berry serving spoon by Wm A. Rogers, La Concorde pattern, 1910.
I also found this charming cake server. After I cleaned it up, I saw it had a sterling handle!
And I love the monogram - Bob and Kitty Oct. 28 1944. It was probably a wedding gift.
This napkin ring is also sterling, and the monogram reads, Louise.
And I found yet another wine box, and a cute little wire plant stand.
Overall, a pretty good weekend!

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  1. The sewing table has to be the deal of the day. Just love it.

  2. The table is gorgeous!! It was meant to be yours if you got it in a bid. Don't you love finding old silver pieces, especially the engraved ones? I got a cool wine box for free from Sam's- fixed it up with shredded paper, threw in a couple bottles of white and red wine, a set of glasses, bread and cheeses- and gave it as a shower gift! They loved it.

  3. What a beautiful stand! I love it! And the wire stand, I wouldn't mind at all if you sent that my way!

  4. I love that old sewing table! How gorgeous, and what a wonderful place to store your silver! The engraving on that cake server is so great too. I wonder what Kitty looked like, and if she baked alot of cakes!

  5. Haven't seen a sewing table like this before .. wonderful. The legs are exquisite. TTFN ~Marydon

  6. Completely worth $50, those legs are exquisite. I love the cake server too :)

  7. That table for $ 50 is sooo worth it - so beautiful and also functional !
    Thanks for sharing your silver collection -I have my eye out to some of that !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  8. Oh my, I LOVE this table! It is gorgeous! Its legs are so different ~ beautiful! It looks great in your home!

    I also like the napkin ring, I've seen them on Ebay and they are quite pricy. All your silver finds are so pretty.

  9. Love ALL your finds - gorgeous table! We got a cake knife like yours for a wedding gift. Our was 1969 - still love it! Linda

  10. The table was so worth they money. It's beautiful. And I love the mirror above it. Visiting from Rhoda's.

  11. I think it is a DEAL and I love it.

  12. LOVE that table! What a deal you got!! Love the wired basket too! Great finds!