Sunday, September 30, 2012

Antique Shows...

Lately,  I have been to lots of estate sales, a few antique shows, and of course, The Junk Bonanza.
I have found some great stuff.  Some of this will end up on my Etsy shop.
Above are Antique Child Clothes Hangers, with the greatest little painted faces.
A pile of vintage children's books.

 An old Fairy Tale book with a fabulous Mermaid cover.

 Rare Halloween book from 1948.

 A Spooner - Sugar Bowl/Spoon Holder Combo.  The spoons hang from little hooks on the outer rim.

Silverplate Demitasse spoons - the pattern is Carnation, 1908. 

 Large lady's head, and some pumpkins.

 Brass Stamp Box.

 Marsala Bottle Tag.

 And a vintage Kitchen Witch Spoon Holder.