Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vintage Finds

I made it to a couple of estate sales and antique shops this weekend.  I found some good stuff!

This is an old Victorian shoe box.  Much nicer than the shoe boxes of today.  It is very sturdy and has brass details, great for storage.

A cute little enamel pitcher.

And a handful of silver.

The pitcher will be used outside to water the plants on the back porch. 

The silver includes forks, spoons, a bon bon spoon and sugar tongs.

This group is all Scandinavian.

All very ornate, art nouveau details.

Closeup of the sugar tongs and sugar spoon.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trophy Collection

I have been trying to expand my vintage trophy collection for some time now.  They are very hard to find, at a reasonable price.  I have even bid (and lost) on a few on Ebay.
But just this past weekend, I came across 2! at different estate sales.

The first is a 1948 trophy is from a Persian Cat competition, called the Billie Bancroft Trophy. 

And a tennis trophy from 1919.

This trophy started my collection, a while back.  It's a 1922 Tennis trophy.

A few more things I found this past weekend...  A trio of baby cups.

Two of them are aluminum - and this one has little scenes of Mary Had a Little Lamb and other nursery rhymes.  So cute.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Thrift Finds

This is my thrifting haul from the weekend.
I found some feed sacks with cool graphics.

I love the archery guy.

This one has "Supersweet" all over it.  Both sacks have printing on 2-sides.
A group of little things.
 Including a 1933 version of Three Little Pigs.
Cute little cup engraved with the name Mamie.
It has a horse scene along the bottom.
A little silver dog knife rest.
And a Victorian Sugar Cube Holder - also perfect size for holding business cards.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vintage Finds

These are a few things I've found recently at estate sales and antique stores. 
I love using wine boxes as planters (lettuce growing in the above picture).

 This box came from an estate sale, it has great graphics.

 And lots of French writing.

 Some other great finds...

 A couple of unique serving pieces with pretty pierced designs.

 A little German pewter cup.  A prince and princess on one side.

With the inscription: Reiner Wein und Wahre Liebe Machen Fröhliche Gefühle,
which means, according to Google Translate, Pure and True Love of Wine Making Happy Feelings.

 One of my favorite finds, a brass bath sign.

And a couple of brass cats.