Sunday, October 12, 2014

New England Trip

 It was our 2nd annual family trip to New England.  First stop, Salem.  This is Salem Harbor on a foggy, rainy morning.

 The Pickering House, America's oldest house and home to a single family for over three and a half centuries.

 The First Church in Salem.

 One of the houses from the movie Hocus Pocus.  

 The Ropes Mansion, also used in Hocus Pocus.

 Pioneer Village, used as the Sanderson Sisters House in Hocus Pocus. 

 The bridge that leads up to the house.

The super charming town of Rockport, Ma.

 Looking over at the houses from Rockport.

 One of the beautiful beach houses along the way to Rockport.

The waves crashing up on the rocks.

We had time to stop at a few antique shops, and I found a few things for my Etsy shop.

 Including some napkin rings, a couple of trophies, a cool art deco brooch.

 A breakfast plate with integrated toast rack, a wood English toast rack, and some silver.