Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Historic House Estate Sales

 One of my favorite things about estate sales is being able to see inside historical homes. 

Summit Ave in St. Paul, MN has some of the most beautiful homes in the area.  Many were built for lumber barons and other extremely wealthy people in the late 1800's.  

Last weekend an estate sale took place in the above house. The house is featured in the book Great Houses of Summit Avenue and the Hill District

 I took this photo on the streets below in St. Paul when I realized I could see the house.  The St. Paul Cathedral is on the far right of the photo.

 Closer view.

The above and next few pictures are from Zillow/Saint-Paul-MN/ (they had a nicer day to take pictures!)
This is the street view of the house.
It was built in 1894 for a local banker. 

Another view from the street - the front entrance faces the neighbors house.  The carriage house in the background.
It was designed by architects Charles A. Reed and Allen H. Stem, who also designed The St. Paul Hotel, and NYC's Grand Central Terminal. 

The Grand Foyer, where the main part of the sale was held.

There were several amazing fireplaces.  The fireplace screen was actually for sale.

Marble staircase leading to second floor.

Unfortunately, most of the rooms were closed off during the sale.  I think this is the third floor ballroom.

The carriage house - now garage - overlooks the city and the river.

Beautiful detail in the driveway - covered by snow when I was there. 
It was really fun to see into this beautiful house.  If walls could talk...
The sale was a little too expensive for me, but they had some lovely items. 

 I did find a few things for my Etsy shop, at other estate sales and antique shops.

 A handful of antique flatware.  

 Victorian engraved heart charm.  

A unique Eiffel Tower/Tape Measure souvenir, and a large toast rack.
Hopefully some more interesting estate sales will come up!