Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall Outdoors!

There is no doubt that fall has come to my neck of the woods.
It has been cold, windy and cloudy.
So naturally fall decor has to come out. Bale of hay and pumpkins purchased at a local family farm stand. All other decor are thrift store finds.
This is an antique witch weather vane.
And some scary cat candle holders (I use the battery operated tea lights in them - no fire hazard).

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Window Shopping in Paris

Some of my time in Paris was spent looking in their beautiful shop windows. So many gorgeous dress shops.
The most beautiful flowers.
And the food speaks for itself.

I've never even seen macaroons before, yum!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Thrifty" European Finds

I was warned... I was told that Europe would be VERY expensive. I was still surprised at just how expensive.
It was such a good time, I wanted to share what I brought home, though not all of it would qualify for my usual thrifty criteria.
For thrifting purposes, I was lucky enough to visit Portobello Market in London (above), several charity shops in Jersey (Channel Islands, UK), and Paris Flea Markets, including Les Puces de Paris Saint-Ouen.
Portobello Market was packed with people, and they sold everything. Antiques, clothing new and old, fruits and vegetables, crafts, all kinds of street food...everything. The market went on forever. We finally were exhausted to the point of turning back towards the hotel, but the market still went on for as far as we could see.
Jersey had no flea markets, but several charity shops (above). They were tiny, but most had decent antique sections.
This is the window of one of the shops.
The Paris Flea Markets were not what I imagined. The Les Puces Saint-Ouen was the "big one", and the one I wanted to see the most.
It consisted of many connecting alleys with all sorts of items.
All kinds of antiques, silver vendors, chandelier stalls, furniture, vintage clothing (including many famous French designers), antique linens, hat shops, bead and button stalls, china, and more.
Tons of beautiful antiques crammed into these alleys. I was in heaven.
It was a bit overwhelming. And expensive. But really fun to see, I loved it. I wish I had more time to spend there.
And here is what I came back with. Luckily I had plenty of extra room in my suitcase, and everything made it home in one piece!
These are 6 Victorian cut glass footed salt cellars. I found these in Paris.
Cute silver owl salt and pepper with stand. Silver salt cellar with spoon. Both found in London.
Adorable little silver napkin ring with a bunny etched into it. Made in England, but found in Jersey at a charity shop - only 2 pounds!
This is a set of 4 silverplate shell dishes, with a C monogram, from London.
Toast rack with jelly dish. Found in London. I was on the lookout for a toast rack, I wanted a sterling one, but they were outrageously expensive, so I got this silverplate and crystal version.
I also found this ceramic toast rack, in Jersey at a charity shop.
These are 4 Powell Bishop Ironstone (England) butter pats with a gold rim.
Beautiful Haviland dish with gold rim and L monogram, from Paris.
Vintage monogram lapel pins from Paris. I saw many of them at the Les Puces de Saint-Ouen, but I found these at a smaller street market for much less, a couple euro each (about $5 each).
This is a variety of unusual silver serving pieces I found, throughout the whole trip. It includes a large cake server, sardine fork, asparagus fork, pickle fork, grapefruit spoons and sugar spoons and tongs.
These vintage hats, and pearl hat pins are from a Paris street market.
And this cute little gray/silver clutch I found in a Jersey charity shop for only 1 pound (about $1.60), I think this was the thriftiest find of the whole trip!

It was an amazing trip, and of course I did more than just shop. Check out some of my previous posts if you would like to see more pictures.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009


Paris is a truly stunning city.
Everywhere you turn, there is something to see.
Even the art nouveau signs for the metro were worth taking a second look at.
This fountain was next to my hotel, right by the metro stop.
The Arc de Triomphe was amazing to see, and the traffic zooming by was insane.
Looking down the Champs-Elysees at dusk.
The Louvre.
Notre Dame.
I really enjoyed the architecture.
There were so many faces and figures.
I'm not certain was this skull sculpture was, but I liked it.