Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mirror Metamorphosis

I found these 2 matching mirrors at the Goodwill. They were very large, and had pretty floral detailing on them. They were filthy, and when cleaned off, the gold was way too bright.
I laid them out on a drop cloth, taped off the mirror and used 2 coats of white gloss spray paint to transform them.
The white really brings out the details.
Not sure where to put them, but I think they will look pretty hanging side by side, or opposite of each other.

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  1. oooh they are lovely, I love painting things white and I love seeing these projects!

    happy met monday


  2. Oh those are so pretty! They turned out great!


  3. Nice job! Love the white..those definately have hanging potential!!

  4. White was totally the way to go with those. They look great.

  5. No fair... I've been looking and looking for two matching mirrors just like these. Feel free to send them :).

  6. So pretty in white and, you're right, you do see the details more. Good job! Let us know where you end up hanging them.

  7. I'm always amazed at the difference a little paint will make to totally change the look of something. . .have a great day!

  8. Great re-do , love the white....Where are you hanging them ? Very pretty !
    HUgs ~ Kammy

  9. They look sooooo much better white. GREAT JOB-you made them beautiful again.
    come see me-July GIVE AWAY all month

  10. You are so right about the white bringing out the detail, its lovely :)