Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Roundup: estate sales, boxes and more...

This weekend brought several good estate sales. I attended some both Saturday and Sunday (as well as stopping at a few thrift stores too!)
Some of my findings including several pressed glass and cut glass dishes (some of them probably from the 30's) Italian salad fork and spoon serving set, a pretty porcelain dish with silver overlay pattern on it (also from the 30's), silver bread basket, white Haviland platter and some boxes.
What, you might ask, would someone need with old wine boxes? Good question. I don't know either. But I like them.
This one appears to have been used for display. It has a hinged top that opens up.
I might use it to store wine.
In an older post I showed using wine boxes as planters. Or maybe I'll just use them for storage.

Also found this weekend, a child's fork and spoon set.
This adorable set features the Three Little Pigs.
And on the back, the Big Bad Wolf. They are very detailed, and so charming.

Check out yesterday's post, showing my updated version of Goodwill mirrors...

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  1. I love that box with the hinged top! So many possibilities for it! Love the pressed glass, and wish I knew more about it, like how to identify it from newer glass. Great finds!

  2. Love the wine boxes! They are so interesting!

  3. I love love love the wine boxes and that little disply! Love all of your finds!!

  4. I LOVE the Three Little Pigs set! My 3 year old would flip out if she saw those. :) She loves the old book and the old old Disney movie (looks like that's where the characters on your spoon are from). Visiting from Rhoda's party! :)

  5. Terrific finds! The wine boxes have a lot of potential. I think the one that opens kinda looks like it should go on a desk to sort mail and such.

  6. Like those wine boxes. I made a miniature general store out of one years ago. The last 2 I got I gave away.

  7. What fun finds you have this week! Love the 3 little pigs flatware. Thanks for playing in the party.

  8. The little pig utensils are so cute

  9. I love your darling silverware !
    What great planters the wine boxes make !
    Fab ~
    Hugs ~ Kammy