Thursday, June 18, 2009

My latest treasures

On a recent search around town, I came back with several new treasures.
I found a set of very pretty dessert plates with a J monogram and gold rim, a very unusual silver bowl with dragon handles, a mini goblet, a mini silverplated plate, and some boxes. Two are wine boxes, and one appears to be a Cuban cigar box. They all have interesting markings on them.

The mini silver plate is a bit more worn than it appeared, but I have an idea for it...
What will become of the boxes is still undetermined, but a few found earlier this summer have become planters:
Petunia's in a Made in Texas box.

Herbs in a Mirassou wine box.

Radishes and onions in a large wine box.

I think the new little box would be perfect for a small herb plant. The larger ones might be good to use for storage.

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  1. Love your blog.....great finds!!!