Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thrifty Finds, GreenMan, Fairies, and more...

Estate sales as usual. I found a few good things. A green man to hang outside, to watch over the garden.
A pretty set of salad plates.
They are Haviland France Limoges. The rims are gold and have a delicate little gold and blue design.
My sister adores clowns, so I found this little clown to sit in her garden.
And a fairy to sit in mine.
And a turtle candy dish. It has butterflies all over.
The turtle's shell lifts off to reveal the inside of the dish.
A silver ornate candle holder, a very tarnished serving spoon, and a little witch figurine.

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  1. Aww, I've never seen a candy dish like that little turtle, too cute!

  2. The little turtle is so cute!! :) I like your fairy too. Visiting from Rhoda's party. :)

  3. Green Man is such good energy--also means fertility in life and creativity is with you!

    Stop by....

    love, kelee

  4. Love the green man, but your best finds, IMHO, are the salad plates and the candlestick. It's always fun to hit estate sales, isn't it?
    :-) Sue

  5. The turtle is really cute! Love the silver, too.

  6. My daughter would LOVE that turtle, she loves ANYTHING turtle!

  7. I never saw a turtle like that before!

    I like the salad plates, too.

  8. Love the turtle. I'm a butterfly freak, and never saw anything like it! Good find!

    Visiting from Rhoda's, please stop by and visit me.

    Be Well!

  9. Love the china. The little turtle candy dish is really cute! Great finds!!

  10. Those Haviland plates are right up my alley ... beautiful!

  11. Great Pictures