Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thrifty Finds and Metamorphosis of a Travel Bag

Estate sales this weekend were very disappointing. I hit a few thrift stores too.
I found this pretty Arthur Court signed bamboo and frog dish. It was only $1.50.
I also found these French books for $0.25 each. Why would I need books about Paris? Cause I'm going! I'm taking a trip to Europe next week, visiting London and Paris.
Which brings me to the metamorphosis section.
I have been looking for a travel bag/purse. Something that can be slung across the body - I plan on going to as many Paris flea markets as possible, and have been warned about pickpockets! I found this cute little bag at TJ Maxx for $7. Pretty good deal, most of the ones I had previously seen had been upwards of $40. I was not crazy about the plastic faux croc pockets on front. They don't look too bad in this picture, but they looked so plastic and cheap up close.
So I took a couple of scraps of a gray vintage fabric, I cut out a little stencil (it is suppose to look somewhat like a cherry blossom). I used some white fabric paint for the stencil.
I then used a combination of spray adhesive and a glue gun to attach the fabric to the plastic pockets, and tucked everything in. It seems to have stuck quite well. Hopefully it will make it to Europe and back!

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  1. What great finds!

    I loved what you did with the travel bag.


  2. That was very creative. Have a GREAT trip.

  3. Great job on that bag! I really like that Arthur Court dish!

  4. What a clever and cute way to change a bag that you weren't too crazy about! I like your frog/bamboo dish. Is it pewter?
    :-) Sue

  5. Great addition to the purse. Wonderful choice of fabric. Score on the books and have a great trip ~ you lucky girl!!!

  6. Have a GREAT trip! I'm a wee bit sure to take a lot of pictures of all your sites. I'm wondering about your shopping...I'll bet you're going to find amazing things! I really like your bag...looks like you'll have great places so store your things!

    By the way, I'm still looking for a peacock like you have on your sidebar...any suggestions?

  7. Hi Everyone- thank you for the sweet comments.
    Sharlotte -
    I found the same peacock from my sidebar on ebay:
    There are actually 2 of them (the one I have is the taller of the 2). I painted mine with flat white spray paint.
    I have also seen them at many flea markets - I think I paid around $3 for mine.
    Good luck!

    And Sue - yes! the frog/bamboo dish is pewter.

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  9. I love the frog and bamboo plate...gorgeous! And I love what you did with your travel bag! How fun that you are going to Europe! You are so smart to take along the phrase book! As a former French teacher who lived in France, believe me when I say that the smallest effort at speaking their language goes a very long way and is so appreciated! Have fun! Don't miss la Sainte Chapelle...gorgeous stained glass windows! Can't wait to hear about it!...Debbie
    PS Sorry about deleting...I can't spell today!

  10. I really like the bamboo and frog dish and the price totally rocks!

  11. These are great finds!
    It's such great fun thrift shopping.
    I just love it.

  12. Great transformation - thanks for sharing :)

  13. You will have so much to show for TTT when you return!!! Have fun.
    Love what you did with the purse.

  14. That looks great! MUCH better.

  15. That is a deal on the Arthur Court piece! I think you will find lots of uses for it. I see you are already getting into the spirit of Paris--designing your own handbags :) Very cute!

  16. what a great bag...I am having a give a-way to celebrate my 1 month Blogoversary.... Please stop over.

  17. Wow, have a fun trip. I went to Disneyland recently and everyone was wearing a bag like that one. I've been searching high and low for one for myself. You did a great job jazzing it up.

    Stop by and say hi.

  18. Enjoy your trip! I love Paris! Please share pictures when you return.


  19. This is a cute bag! nice job

    HAve a safe and fun trip.

    TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

  20. LOVE the plate!
    Bon Voyage! Paris flea markets..OMG..take loads of money LOL

  21. You are so clever with that fabric coverup. Have a blast on your trip!!

  22. Your bag came out cute.
    I hope you will come by for a visit.
    Its So Very Cheri

  23. I love your bags new look. You'll look pretty snazzy walking the flea markets of Paris.... I know you're looking forward to the trip. Can't wait to see your finds from a beautiful city... Happy MM. hugs ~lynne~

  24. Do not carry your money in that bag. Carry it secured next to your body. When we went to the Clingnancourt flea market outside Paris, the pick pockets were rampant and very, very good at it. I saw one man lift an expensive gold watch off an elderly gentleman. Not sure how he did it but I saw him showing it to his "partner". When they saw us looking at them, a band of them surrounded us and tried to take our camera until I started yelling "Police!". (Seems that word is known every where - any language.) Seriously, they can steal stuff off your body without you knowing it. A purse is nothing to them. BTW, the re-do of the flaps was ingenious!!

  25. Enjoy you trip. I loved Paris, and didn't bring home a thing! Everything that I stopped to look at, I realized that I could get here or on the internet. Once I came to that conclusion, I spent more time enjoying the Louvre and the cafes. Have a wonderful time.

  26. Great change to your how it turned out! What a wonderful trip you have planned! Take lots of pics to share with us. I've never been and can only imagine what fun the flea markets will be!

  27. Nice finds and beautiful job on the bag makeover!
    Enjoy your trip, and tell us all about your adventures when you return, OK!

    Bon voyage!