Monday, August 10, 2009

New Treasures, Teapots, Trays...

Some good estate sales this weekend! I think I got some good buys. This is an old tarnished silver tray, and tarnished teapot. They both are monogrammed. I think the teapot is KM.
The tray has the monogram DSC (I think).
I also found this darling vintage white child's dress.
It has really pretty lace detailing around the collar and hem, and I love the shape of the collar. It was in such good condition, no stains or marks, or yellowing, which is hard to find with vintage white clothes, especially children's!
A cute wood box. It has compartments inside. Might be perfect for storing flatware.
This old book Tinker's Tim and the Witches caught my eye, I liked the title. A Fitz and Floyd witch statue, and an owl belt buckle.
And the weekend wouldn't be complete without some silver flatware. I found this pile of tarnished flatware in a baggie.
And here it is cleaned up! The knives and forks are Old Colony by Rogers Bros., a really pretty pattern.
And the spoons have a cool art deco style and monograms! I think it is JC. It could also be an H.

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  1. I love finding old silver! the flatware, the tray, and the teapot are great finds! I often leave my stuff a little tarnished, but some things just HAVE to be worked on.... builds muscles...LOL
    :-) Sue

  2. if that teapot's initials are KM i know someone who might want it!!!! great finds. i love that dress.

  3. You hit a great sale my friend. I love your stuff.
    Good luck next week too.

  4. I love that silver !
    I need some of that !