Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Basil and flowers for Outdoor Wednesday

Basil has done really well this summer.
Some purple basil is peaking through the green. Maybe it's time to make some pesto!
Flowers are overtaking the head!
This cute planter is the thrift store find from last weekend, with a pot of mint.
And a pretty black eyed Susan.
The last of gerbera daisies.

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  1. LOVE YOUR PICS !!! beautiful garden.

  2. Hi...this is my first time visiting your journal/blog. Love your header! I, too, am interested in antiques and old things. Thanks for sharing your shots of herbs and flowers.

  3. Oooh, I remember your planter from Rhoda's party. Cute. Your basil is quite prolific- and I do think it's time for pesto. The black-eyed Susan has always been one of my favorite flowers- goes back to my mom telling me that her flowers were named after me. silly silly me...

  4. Your plants look happy and healthy! It's great that your basil is doing so well, and I'll bet that pot of mint smells wonderful.

    I also enjoyed your recent post about the estate sale table you repurposed as a silver chest (great find and great idea!).