Wednesday, January 6, 2010

White Wednesday Animals

I realized that I have an accidental collection of white animal figurines. I guess these all just caught my eye while thrifting, and its no secret that I love animals.
Above is my favorite white peacock, found at a flea market quite some time ago. It was gold, I painted it white.
More white peacocks. These were multicolored, painted them white.
Cute french cat hat pin holder.
Sad faced puppy.
Sweet white rabbit.
One eye peekaboo cat.
White cat cream pitcher.

Linked up to White Wednesday, hosted by Faded Charm.


  1. I love that peacock in white. I have been thinking about getting a real white one for my yard but I am not sure how their sound would carry:) And your other white animals are just too cute:).
    Capers of the vintage vixens

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  3. I love your peacocks, especially the first one. I have coveted it since I first found your blog and started following you! The rabbit and peek-a-boo kitten are just too cute! I have an adorable brown kitten creamer which does not go with any of my dish sets and I would love to paint it white and for it to still be usable. Any suggestions?

    ~ Tracy

  4. What great collection. I especially like the peacocks and also the table in the second photo. Thanks for playing along today.


  5. I am coming by to let you know that I have put up my post about the Vintage Valentine Card Party so you can come by and let me know if you still want to participate and vote for the button you like best. xo Joan

  6. You are on the list! Come back when you want to get a button. The voting is pretty even so I am going to let people pick the button they like best. Thanks for participating!!!!

  7. Thank you very much for the tip about the ebay peacocks!

    ~ Tracy