Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Garden Updates

Outdoor Wednesday ... garden update....most things are in full bloom right now.Pretty purple salvia.

Balloon flower.


A little duck peeks out from the rosemary.

A cute little vintage ceramic pig, found at a thrift store this week! He sits next to the elephant planter growing Thyme.

More flowers in a wine box planter.

And a whirly bird found at an estate sale. There was a big woodshop in the basement of the house, so I think this was handmade. His legs spin when it is windy, he looks like he is trying to escape.

I'm participating in Outdoor Wednesday hosted by A Southern Daydreamer. Be sure to check out the other outdoor posts!


  1. Beautiful garden with pretty flowers!...Christine

  2. oh i love your hollyhock!!!!have a great day

  3. I don't think I've ever seen a bell flower, and it is lovely! And HOLLYHOCKS! They are the most wonderful flower. I wish I could grown them in Florida, but they don't like it with us here. I loved seeing all of your flowers and garden ornaments. Cute pig and whirlamagig! :-)

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


    Sheila :-)

  4. Your pink hollyhocks would look so great next to my black ones. Yes there is a black hollyhock. I will have to combine the two.

  5. Wonderful pictures - I sure enjoyed seeing them!

  6. I love your "zoo." The hollyhocks are just gorgeous.

  7. BEAUTIFUL flowers... love the first ones!