Sunday, January 24, 2010

Silver Sunday, Monogrammed Flatware

During my thrifting/antiquing adventures, I pick up monogrammed flatware here and there. I have amassed quite a collection. Above is my favorite antique bird-topped spooner.
The spoons that hang from it are grapefruit/orange spoons with a pretty monogram.
Collection of serving forks - cold meat serving fork, dessert forks, olive or pickle forks.
Some monogrammed with single letter, some have 3 letter monograms.
This is one of my favorite pieces.
A bread saw, with a pretty pattern, and monogrammed LB.
The engraving runs all the way down the blade.

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  1. I love all this flatware but what has really caught my attention is the 'spooner' i've never seen anything quite like it.. in fact even the term is foreign too me.. hahaha.. I wonder if it is just me or if we don't use that term in Australia.. well thanks for the new discovery .. i'm off to research it.. Take care . Julie

  2. You have an amazing collection of silver! I especially love your bird spooner and the spoons you have hanging on it...the detail on those spoons is wonderful! Have a great Sunday!

  3. I really like that unique spooner, haven't seen one like it before. I love the pattern on the meat fork and all the detail on the bread saw. Thanks for sharing your collection.

  4. I love your flatwear. There is something about having a monogram on silver that makes it so very special!! Your spooner is unique. I just learned about spooners recently after another post I read. Interesting! I love how much we learn on blogs.

  5. you sure find great silver pieces. i LOVE that bread saw!

  6. These really are beautiful, all of the engraving is so intricate...great pieces!

  7. Great and unique pieces! I love the spooner and the engravings on the knife! Beautiful!

    Miss Bloomers

  8. What a unique spooner. I love that. Your collection of silver pieces is very impressive...all the engraving...wonderful!

  9. What wonderful silver pieces. I absolutely LOVE the antique spooner. The spooner is an amazing piece and I love the shape of the spoon bowls.
    The monogrammed pieces are very lovely too.

  10. What a charming group of silver flatware. I love to see old monograms and engraving on these treasures. In this day of mass produced items these old pieces give me a thrill. Love the spooner and the bread saw. Thanks for sharing these lovely pieces. ~ Sarah

  11. Glamorous! I can't believe you actually found that spooner out looks like a family heriloom. Thanks for coming....see you next Sunday!
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  12. Wow, you have such a pretty collection!
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  13. have some pretty pieces! I don't collect the monogrammed silver (but I might start :) but I do collect monogrammed hankies and use them as bread basket liners and napkins. Happy belated Silver Sunday.

  14. Sorry my Sunday Silver visit is so late but I do love your silver post!