Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mismatched Monogrammed Tablescape

I'm taking place, for the first time, in Tablescape Thursday! I read through all of last week's and was very impressed with all of them...

I am very fond of vintage monogrammed pieces. Linens, flatware, serving pieces, etc. I pick up onsie pieces here and there, mostly at estate sales. I created a table scape based on mismatched monogrammed flatware.Antique cut glass vase with silverplate base filled with hydrangea. Pewter candle sticks. Pressed glass amber butter pats. Crystal salt cellars with salt spoons. Pressed glass amber drinking glasses. Vintage lace placemats. Vintage linen napkins.
Amber pressed glass plates, with smaller German floral plate sitting on top.
And for the flatware (some of these monograms are hard to read - click on image for larger view)...

Salad fork "S" monogram. Fork "M" monogram.
Salad fork, no monogram. Fork "E" monogram.
Salad fork, no monogram. Fork "P" or "E" monogram.
Salad Fork, no monogram. Fork "E" monogram.
Knife "B" monogram (on blade). Spoon "S". Soup spoon "H".

Knife "B". Spoon "Rachel". Soup spoon, no monogram.
Knife "B". Spoon "K". Soup spoon "The Andrews".
Knife "B". Spoon "K". Spoon "Aurelie".
"B" monogram napkin ring.
"Lizzie" napkin ring.
Unreadable monogram napkin ring.
"M W L" monogram napkin ring.
And in case you were wondering, I don't know any Rachels, Andrews, Lizzies or Aurelies. I just think monogrammed pieces are charming and a bit of history.
Everything found at various estate sales, flea markets, ebay, garage sales and thrift stores.

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  1. Oh, I love this SO much. I'm a silver nut (among other things), and I'm in love with several of those patterns. I think it's wonderful to mix silver. And your napkin rings! My grandmother's name was Elizabeth, and she was called Lizzie. So I especially like that one.

    I have some family pieces from a pattern called Fiddlethread or Fiddle Thread which look like your Fiddle-handled fork with the "E". Fiddlethread has an extra line around the outline of the fork shank. But you have so many there I love! I particularly love that Victorian spoon with "Aurelie" and the one with the "S".

    Thanks so much for sharing your collection with us. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it!

    Happy Tablescape Thursday...


    Sheila :-)

  2. This is very pretty! I love the placemats, the flatware and the dishes.


  3. Oh so pretty!!! I love all of your vintage pieces!!! Wonderful!!!

    Happy TT!!!


  4. What a great collections. Quite a conversation piece for a dinner party! Happy TT!

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  5. Great! I once bought a huge set of good silver with the "B" monogram and when I used it I jokingly said it was "bought" at an estate sale! My niece eventually married a "B", so I gave her the set and she loved to tell how I used it!

  6. I adore mismatched! I find it all so interesting and so unique. I love anything with a history to it! Sometimes you get tired of looking at the 'same-old same old'. And there's something not very comfortable about a table setting being too pristine.
    And your delicate yellow rose dishes are great too!
    Beautiful tablescape!
    All the best,

  7. Monogramed pieces really are interesting and the pieces you've shown are lovely. The napkin rings go well with your candlesticks!


  8. love the silver...all of it...especially the soup spoons and napkin rings.

    I bet you love to dig thru a pile of it in the back corner of a junking table, just looking for that next treasure. I think this is one of my new fascinations.

    I found a bunch of nice pieces for 10 cents each at a resale shop and was grinning ear to ear.