Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Gifts!

I received some really amazing Christmas gifts this year.
My sister gave me these adorable measuring cups, in the shape of cats!
I am a pretty big fan of cats, and cooking, so I just love these. They will sit out on the counter.
I also received a variety of antique/vintage reference books. Yesterday's Silver for Today's Table is one of my favorite books about antique flatware and serving pieces. I rented it from the library all the time, now I have my very own copy!
I love costume jewelry, but know very little about it. I'm excited to learn more from Costume Jewelry 303.
Vintage Fashion Accessories is all about hats, scarves, purses, jewelry. Again, I love all these things, but don't really know too much about them.
Good Better Best is a great book with all sorts of antique tips - what to look for.
Can't wait to read all of them.
More on presents later...

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  1. I just went through your vintage Christmas posts, and I remember those cherub candles with the red robes. I think the cost was 5 cents at Woolworth. We had a variety of those candles and played with them until we broke their heads off.. I remember a white/blue angel as well. Hope you had a merry Christmas and I'll be back!