Wednesday, November 25, 2009

White Wednesday Vintage Table Finds

A couple of vintage finds to use for Thanksgiving dinner. This is a white vintage linen roll warmer (and bread basket).
It is round, with very pretty lace detailing.
It has little ties to keep it in place.
And little slots for the rolls to sit in. This isn't the best picture (only one spare roll to use as example). There are about a dozen little slots.
A white silverware caddy. It has 3 slots, and pretty gold trim. This will be perfect to sit out with appetizers and fill with vintage flatware.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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  1. Wonderful finds. I love the pretty lace biscuit cover!


  2. I have never seen a silverware caddy like that. It is so pretty. Your table will look so elegant with it.
    Happy Thanksgiving
    The capers of the vintage vixens