Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tomatoes and Mr. Bunny

The tomatoes are doing great this year.
There are tons of these little cherry tomatoes.
A handful can be picked almost every day.

This is a green zebra. This one is just about ready to pick - when the lighter stripes start to turn slightly yellow.

Purple Russian tomato. These are ready to pick when they begin to turn a pinkish/purple color. They are delicious.

And this little guy shows up every day to eat. He was laying down for these photos - it was a very hot day.
We call him Mr. Bunny (though it is quite possible it should be Mrs. Bunny as baby bunnies have been seen).

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  1. Great outdoor shots, your tomatoes look superb. Mine are still resolutely green I think I'll be making a great deal of green tomato chutney again this year.

  2. is there anything more inviting than tomatoes in various stages of ripening on the vine? lovely pics

  3. Your tomatoes look perfect. I don't eat tomatoes, but if I did I'd be hanging out with that bunny. You are nice to share the bounty. :-)
    Great outdoor shots. ~ Sarah

  4. How cute! Mr. Bunny does not look afraid of you! I love how he is just chilling in the grass. I have not tried the zebras. I may add them to my list for next year. Your tomatoes look great.

    ~ Tracy

  5. I have a ton of tomatoes this year too. I think Mr. Bunny is a Mrs because he has a little cotton tail. In my neck of the woods the cotton tails are girls!