Sunday, August 8, 2010

Silver Sunday Monogram Flatware

Silver Sunday again!
It is probably fairly obvious that I love silver serving pieces.
Especially monogrammed silver serving pieces.

I found this set of flatware with an SM monogram at an estate sale.
It happens to be my mom's initials.

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, we have no family silver heirlooms, so this is kind of an instant heirloom.
There are dinner knives,
forks, teaspoons (sitting in buffet flatware caddies).
Large serving spoons, soup spoons, a ladle and a sugar spoon.
I have many mismatched monogram pieces, but this is my first matching set. I love it.

This is another interesting silver piece - it is a glass bowl frog that sits inside the silver piece.

I will be filling it up with garden flowers.

Linked up to Silver Sunday, hosted by Gypsy Fish.


  1. I love monogramed pieces of silver too. Enjoy mixing different patterns. Your flatware holder is beautiful. I am a florist and was really drawn to that wonderful silver flower holder. Thanks for sharing ~~Sherry~~

  2. That is a pretty and interesting pattern of silver. So glad you found that! Love the silver flower bowl also. Happy Silver Sunday!

  3. Fabulous flatware caddy! I can't wait to see what you fill your flower bowl with...something beautious I'm sure...please post some pics when you do.
    thanks for joining in....and good luck!

  4. You have some very beautiful silver pieces. Thank you for sharing. Happy Silver Sunday. ~

  5. I love your monogramed silver piecs, but that glass bowl frog that sits inside the silver piece is my favorite, I've never seen one like that before! I love the mixture of the glass and silver together I think it looks very elegant! Happy SS.... Blessings~~~ Daphne

  6. That Silver with the Monogram is Fabulous ~ What a Beautiful Table you can set, complete with a wonderful Flower Bowl....
    Thanks for Sharing

  7. These are gorgeous silver pieces. I love the silver "frog". (guess that is still what you call it even when it is silver).


    barbara jean

  8. Wow! Pretty good find I'd say...not to often one can find anything monogrammed that matches folks in the family and to find your mom's monogram, too. How perfect! Also, love the frog. : )
    The Tattered Tassel

  9. Buffet Flatware Caddies, I have never seen one and now I want one. How beautiful and functional. I always have to get creative when putting out my silverware at a party. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Glad you found this beautiful silver. I like the unusual pattern, and like you, love the old monograms. I'll be eager to see the last piece filled with blooms. The glass/silver frog is not somthing I've seen.
    I hope to have a Silver Sunday post ready for this coming Sunday. I was out of town and miss out, but was happy to see that with the celebration she is extending the opportunity to list a post for this month. Hope to see you. ~ Sarah

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