Monday, August 30, 2010

More Finds

I had another good weekend haul. This is my favorite find - some old flatware, in it's original box.
It did not look like this when I brought it home, it took well over an hour to polish, but it was worth it.
It has a monogram and a pretty art deco pattern, the box is very art deco as well - gray outside, pink on the inside with a star burst pattern on the fabric.

These are copper photo plates. They are mounted on wood blocks. They are both marching band photos probably from the 50's or 60's.

This crate was $0.50. I bought it because I liked the Halloween sticker.

A wood Halloween themed box. Perfect for stashing Halloween candy!

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  1. Yummy things!! How many pieces are there in the box of flatware? Is it silverplate? I love collecting it!


  2. That box of flatware is fab, but so is the Halloween crate. I'd say this was a very successful weekend. ~ Sarah

  3. Love the flatware!! Halloween box is very cool!

  4. Wow! A whole box full of flatware is a fabulous find! Very cute witches box too!

  5. You did have a good weekend. The silverware looks beautiful. Your hard work cleaning it really paid off.
    The crate with the Halloween label is wonderful. That will be fun to use in the upcoming months.