Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Thrifting Finds

Another successful weekend of thrifting. I hit up a couple of garage sales and a few estate sales.
I found this milk glass box and a set of pretty demitasse spoons.

Love this cat shaped napkin or letter holder.
An old tackle box is behind the cat. It's a great color, kind of pink/gray. It is in very good shape, a little of rust on the latch but the inside is perfect.

Creamer and sugar set. Can never have too many of these.

More milk glass - this is a top hat planter by Westmoreland.

A Norman Rockwell book and a Collecting guide for Pottery and Porcelain - only $0.50 each!

The collecting guide came in handy to identify these pretty floral plates with gold rim.
They had these marks on the back, and my book says they are German by KPM, and are quite old. Still unable to identify what the numbers mean. I'm sure it is the pattern but I can't quite read it properly.

Here is the tackle box (only paid $1) as my new upholstery tool box. Works very well - I was using a bag and the sharp tools would poke holes through it.

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  1. Wonderful finds. I love the milk glass box, very cool. Looks like a very successful weekend.

  2. great finds! I have several tackle boxes - one for jewelry making, another for woodworking, another for basic home repair jobs. Someday I will mark which is which.
    A local museum is doing a major display of all the Norman Rockwell cover paintings. I am a big fan.

  3. You found some great goodies. I do like that milk glass hat. Thank you for stopping by for a visit...Julian

  4. Wow, so many goodies in one weekend. I love the little floral plates and I always love a good silver find.