Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cuff Links

I love cuff links. I think they are the perfect present for a dapper but hard to buy for gentleman - (or a chic lady with french style cuff shirts) - especially for Valentine's Day.
Guess who else thinks that? Martha Stewart.
This is from the February issue of Martha Stewart Living. What to get for the guy who has everything.
I have been collecting Cuff Links for a while, and have quite a few for sale in my Etsy shop.
Monogrammed anything is always my favorite, so I have an assortment.
Very Mad Men-esque red stone cuff links.
Unique Matador cuff links and tie tack.
Cameo style.
Snake surrounding red stone (these were my favorite, but they are Sold).
Old fashioned car (also a favorite, and also Sold).
I recently picked up a 1954 issue of the Saturday Evening post, and they had cuff link advertisements. Above is Swank Christmas ad.
This is a Hickok ad. Swank and Hickok seem to be 2 of the bigger cuff link producers through the 50's and 60's. It is so interesting to see some of the same cuff links I have in these ads!


  1. Oh me too, me too! I love cuff links. When I was in HS, I owned a blouse that took cuff links - - - I used to wear all my dad's.

    Come to THINK of it, if I had a blouse like that NOW, I'd still be EXCITED to wear it!!!!

    If only I were still that thin - - -

  2. I love cuff links, so few men will wear them now.