Thursday, September 22, 2011

Junk Bonanza and Weekend Finds

These are a few of the things I bought at the Junk Bonanza, and also a few estate sales this past weekend. 
I found another fruit crate - love those.

 A cute little drawer, the lock and key still work!  A few French books.
There were tons of drawers at the Junk Bonanza.  I love how they look grouped together.

 My favorite thing to look for is unusual Victorian silverplate serving pieces, and I was surprised to find some at the Junk Bonanza. 

 Including a set of small cream spoons and a set of ice cream spoons.

 Both have very ornate floral patterns.  The ice cream spoons are monogrammed.

 I also found some larger serving pieces. 

 Also with very ornate patterns. 

 An asparagus serving fork, and a cake serving fork.

 A large ladle and a pair of unusual salad serving pieces.  The bowls have an embossed pattern. 

The large ladle has a monogram on the front side, and the back is engraved: 1880 Oct. 25 1905.
I wonder what those dates mean???


  1. I wonder if the dates represent a 25th anniversary? Perhaps it was a gift.

  2. Love the beautiful silverware! Did you find them in such great condition? Lucky you!

  3. You hit the silver jackpot! I think the dates on the ladle represent a wedding anniversary.

  4. If you like Junk Bonanza, you'll love Picker-Paradise. Check it out at in Duluth, MN July 28-29, 2012.