Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Garden Report

We have had nice weather lately, so all of the plants are coming along nicely. This little stand is full of herb plants.

Basil needs to be cut already.

The lilacs in the backyard are much taller than I am.
You can smell them from inside the house.

A little birdhouse sits at the edge of the woods, hopefully a little bird will move in.

Lettuce and cilantro.

A bunny guarding the Peonies. They are just about to bloom.

An owl sits in front of the tomatoes. Hopefully he will scare off anyone who tires to eat them. It will be a while yet.

A Green Man/Satyr door knocker.

Too big and heavy to hang on the door, so he watches over the front yard.

Linked up to Outdoor Wednesday, hosted by A Southern Daydreamer.


  1. Beautiful. I love your lilacs and peonies the most!


  2. Love the birdhouse. I thought the lilacs this year are bigger and brighter then ever. Love the scent too.

  3. Beautiful lilacs! Love the bird house and that adorable cat near the herb plants is my kind of guy! Your plants look great!

  4. Your lilacs are gorgeous! How I wish my lilacs and peonies were just beginning to bloom, sadly they have gone by for this year.