Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Thrifting Finds

Here are my finds for the past week!
A little peacock mirror, and an old copy of Anna Karenina.

A little iron easel - which will be perfect for displaying old photos. It is holding a tiny plate.
The plate shows The House of Seven Gables in Salem MA. I visited the house (where Nathaniel Hawthorne once lived) a long time ago, and would love to go back.
Will add this to my pile of mismatched butter pats.

Pretty little Reed & Barton silver bowl.

And this little Noah's Arc something or other. I'm not sure what it is.
It has an opening in the center. I thought maybe a card holder?? Anyone have any ideas what it might be?

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  1. Nice finds! I would guess the Noah's ark is a card holder of some sort. Cute!

  2. Great finds - love that iron easal !
    p.s. how fun to find a peacock mirror !

  3. where did you get that house of the seven gables plate? you guys should go to salem in october when we are there!

  4. Love your finds..I am in love with the silver bowl!!

  5. I like the little plate, it looks perfect on the iron easel

  6. What great finds. I really love the easel.

    :) Michelle

  7. Great finds..Noahs Ark is a napkin holder.

  8. Wow, great finds! I love the peacock mirror! And the little plate looks so cute on the easel! I took a grade school field trip many moons ago to Boston, and we visited that house while there.

  9. I had that same Noah's ark piece! It's a picture holder - the picture floats between two pieces of glass that slide into the ark.

  10. How do you find such fun Peacock items? Just beautiful. I always love to see what you have.