Wednesday, March 31, 2010

White Buttons

I needed a couple of white buttons the other day, so I decided to sort my button stash, by color.
I've picked up many vintage buttons over time, usually a bag or box of them on the discount day of an estate sale.
I have a lot. These are just the white ones.
They are in these fluted aluminum baking molds, which I love. I have a bunch of them in different shapes.

Linked up to White Wednesday hosted by Faded Charm.


  1. I ♥♥♥ those little baking molds...I have lots of the deeper ones, but none like yours.

  2. The white buttons are the red M & M's!! I have a bunch of those molds, too and keep thinking I am going to make something with them! lol!


  3. Love your baking molds. At first glance, I thought the first picture was mother of pearl. I think it is because of the varying shades of whites. Great collection of buttons!

    ~ Tracy

  4. I also love the baking molds and how the buttons look in them. Wonderful!

  5. Your buttons are so pretty! I have accumulated quite a stash of white/ivory buttons as well. I just can't pass them up when they are a great price!
    Happy WW!!

  6. The silver of the molds and your white buttons make for some gorgeous photos! Happy WW, Theresa

  7. Oh, I love white buttons...there is just much to do with them...and how you have them sorted and displayed is another one! Happy WW!