Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Finds, Brass, Books and Cup

Estate Sales were back in full force this weekend. There were a ton of them in my area! It is still too cold for most garage sales - however I did see one! These are a few things I came home with.
Above is a great little antique silver cup with pretty floral detailing. I love these cups. I use them to hold spoons.
I also found some brass pieces...
A fish bottle opener and owl fireplace fork (I'm sure it has a proper name, but it looks like a giant fork and I think it is used somehow in a fireplace).

A couple of old 1940's books.
Alice in Wonderland and Anderson Fairy Tales. They both have great graphics and illustrations.

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  1. Love it all! Did you polish that silver cup? I have an old one, and I am thinking it might look a little more shiny (like yours!) if I polish it. Funny how I never thought of it till I saw yours...all pretty and nice! LOVE the books too!

  2. i love that cup. you find the best silver. that fork is called a toasting fork. i have one with a witch and one with a cat. back in the days before toasters, bread was placed on the fork and held close to the fire until toasted. great finds!

  3. I HATE to confess that when I first ready your title I THOUGHT it said, "Weekend finds BRAs, Books and a Cup"

    My idea was funnier than Brass, don't'cha think?

  4. What a sweet silver cup! I found a plain one this week and have yet to polish it. Who knows? Maybe it'll stay tarnished... Thanks for sharing your finds.