Friday, March 12, 2010

Shop Update

These are some things I've added to my Etsy shop today.
An antique sugar bowl with lid.
It has very pretty floral details and an "A" monogram.
I love monograms.
4 silver dessert or salad plates.
Also monogrammed, they have a "K" monogram. Very difficult to photograph without getting my reflection in the shot!
Pointer dog cufflinks.
I also love dogs.
Silver owl salt and pepper shakers.
Probably goes without saying, but I love owls, too. There is a great gray owl who lives in my backyard. I hear him all the time but I've only seen him twice. I was able to get a few photographs of him here.
And, a vintage sweater guard. (Whoops! This one already SOLD).


  1. I love the owls. I am off to see your pics!


  2. i love those owls!!! what do you think about silver or aluminum leafing that table. i LOVE it! i missed out on one the day before and was very sad and then i found this one which is sooo much better. it is old and very well made and in perfect shape! yeeha!!!

  3. You haven't entered for my 100th post and I don't want anybody to miss it! Here's the direct link: