Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Stuff...

There have been tons of estate sales, antique shows and flea markets, so far, this summer.  These are a few thing I've found.  (Some of them will end up in my Etsy shop).
Above is a Presidential Game Board.

From George to Grover.  Made by Meserve Bros, of who I could not find any information on.  The copyright date is 1893.  It's shape is a bit rough, but will be great 4th of July decor.

 Also found, some cool silver pieces, and a cute little cherub pincushion.

Tiny little salt dish, with even tinier little salt ladle.

Pewter stamp roll dispenser.

Some silver spoons and ladle.

 A sterling handle cake breaker - meant to cut/break delicate cakes such as angel food, so it doesn't get squished when cutting with a knife.  It actually works really well.

 Really unusual serving piece.  I think it is a tomato server, but it is much larger than the ones I normally see.  It has lots of engraved flowers and pierced bowl design.

More engraved flowers on the handle.  

Tiny individual cream pitcher from Hotel Frankfurter. 

Witch salt and pepper shakers (these were found on Etsy).  Chalkware from the 1940's.

 This adorable Fairy House was found at an antique shop. 

 They carried new cement Fairy Houses and accessories.

 Like this little red bike.

 And bridge.

 A Greenman Toad House in the garden.

 A toad really lives here - I tried to get a picture of him, but he was shy.