Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween Finds

 Halloween is approaching fast!  I found a few Halloween related items at some estate sales.  Above is a 1960's blow mold of a witch.  It has a light inside, and she glows when lit up.

 A few more Halloween items....

 An old Gurley candle with it's original label still on.

 A witch mug.

 This one is not from an estate sale, but it is pretty cool.  A witch made out of salvaged metal parts.

 And her little cat rides on the back of the bike.

 And for the non-Halloween items, a couple of salt spoons.

A set of monogrammed tea forks - with the 3 letter monogram MMD

A Victorian hedgehog pin cushion.  It's tiny!  But so cute.

 And a great old box.


  1. i have that same blow mold! i love the hedgehog pin cushion! i can't believe my beloved halloween is almost here and gone so fast!

  2. Oh my! I LOVE the hedgehog! And, all of the other items for that matter. I love to decorate for Halloween, why I don't know!

  3. Fun finds! Love that folk art witch. ;-)