Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Estate Finds

 These are a few of my most recent estate sale finds.  Above is a wire locker basket.

 Cute little French tin.

 An old wood box with great graphics.

 An old Victorian monogrammed clothes brush and a waffle server.

 A brass and marble souvenir of Paris, and a letter opener from the 50's.

 It has a a lady on one side,

 And a man on the other.  The both are very Mad Men-ish.

An old Brass Score Keeper's book for playing cards.


  1. Excellent finds as always...I think the letter opener is my favorite.

  2. I think the letter opener was an old advertisement for the Fuller Brush Man. He is on one side and the customer on the other

  3. I love love love all your finds. Since I love to play bridge, I get excited to find old score keeper's books. Some were quite intricate with beautiful covers. :)