Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vintage Finds

These are a few things I've found recently at estate sales and antique stores. 
I love using wine boxes as planters (lettuce growing in the above picture).

 This box came from an estate sale, it has great graphics.

 And lots of French writing.

 Some other great finds...

 A couple of unique serving pieces with pretty pierced designs.

 A little German pewter cup.  A prince and princess on one side.

With the inscription: Reiner Wein und Wahre Liebe Machen Fröhliche Gefühle,
which means, according to Google Translate, Pure and True Love of Wine Making Happy Feelings.

 One of my favorite finds, a brass bath sign.

And a couple of brass cats.


  1. I love the old boxes and I would do exactly that...plant veggies or flowers in them! Love the serving pieces, too!


  2. I really like the old wine boxes. You are making me think I need a few.

  3. nice stuff! those cats are ring holders!