Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Finds

These are some of my finds from the last week or so...

Cute little Jack and Jill Magazine from Oct. 1951.

Edgar Allan Poe - Raven Edition, love the cover.

Witch Hazel tin...
with Witch Hazel labels on all sides,
and the top.

Unusual pair of asparagus tongs - the ends are in the shape of asparagus tips!

Little butter pat from a hotel in Florence.

And a brass peacock incense holder. I don't particularly like incense, but I thought it would make a great jewelry or pin holder.

I happened to stop by Michael's, and they were giving away Christmas Grab Bags with any purchase...for free! The bags were sealed up, so you couldn't see inside them. Here is what was in mine...

A couple of cards, coupon holder, ornaments,

several wreaths,

ribbon, recipe box, greens,
bud vase, and a bag of pine cones!!

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  1. Oh my Goodness! I can't believe your bag of goodies from Michael's. Can't beat getting all of that free! Love the J & J mag. It sure brings back memories. Love the butter pat too. Have a great weekend! laurie

  2. Love the old Jack and Jill magazine! I also love the asparagus tongs! What a fun thing to get a bag of goodies for free from Michaels! You had a good week. Thanks for joining JFF this week!! hugs, Linda

  3. Very generous gift from Michael's! I love all of your new finds, especially the asparagus tongs!


  4. Holy cow, it doesn't get better than free. Like your little peacock incense thing also. I would have never known that was its original purpose if you hadn't told me.

  5. Oh yes, the peacock incense piece is a real treasure and I like the way you have used it for a jewelry holder. Very neat asparagus tongs and I've never heard of Michaels giving away anything! My goodness but they must have had a surplus of Christmas stuff....very neat thing for them to do though.

  6. Nice grab bag and I love those old books you purchased. My favorite is the peacock. It looks rather glamorous as a jewelry holder.

  7. What great finds! I love the fine details shown in your pictures---I have got to upgrade my camera! Thank you for sharing.

  8. What awesome finds!! your Michael's grab bag is unbeliveable!!