Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Decor

Tomorrow's the big day. Here is a quick peak at the Thanksgiving decorations.
Above are a couple of wood pilgrims.

A "fall" themed mantel.

Some vintage acorn candles, and pillar leaf candles (both Gurley).

Turkey and pilgrim candles (Gurley, again).

A few more candles, and some old pewter heads.

They are salt and pepper shakers.

The outdoor decor is pretty much decimated.

This guy has eaten the backs out of all of the pumpkins, and today we are having a snow storm, so everything left is covered in snow!


  1. I am so ready for Thanksgiving!! Enjoy your day!

  2. Your decorations are so sweet!!

    I had to laugh over the pumpkins {though you probably aren't!}. I have 4 left and I am making my dog guard them!! No snow for us yet, but it's cold!!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Smiling at the squirrel caught in the act. Pesky little critters.
    Happy Holidays! ~ Sarah