Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween Weekend Finds

Do I need anymore Halloween items? Absolutely not.
Did I come home with a bunch of Halloween items this weekend? Yes.
It's really hard to pass up some of the cool old vintage stuff. I hit a couple of estate sales, thrift store, and a flea market this weekend. This is what I found.
A couple of ghost candles.

Mr. Pumpkin head candle.

A witch candle and little figure.

Great Halloween wood cat pull toy with pumpkin wheels.

A cauldron with a witch handle - makes a perfect Halloween spoon holder.

They were even selling pumpkins/gourds at the thrift store I stopped at! I got this light green one.

A darker green, and light pink. They were only $0.50 each!

And lastly, this big witch with a cauldron.

There is a devil face within the cauldron.


  1. Great finds...especially the cat on pumpkin wheels. You had great good luck in your shopping.

  2. Wow pumpkin/gourds for 50 cents each! Score! I also like the cat on wheels!! Lots of very cool stuff for Halloween!

  3. Wow!! Nice halloween finds! I am always finding things I don't really need but love. Thats what treasure hunting is all about :)

  4. Like you, it's difficult for me to pass up a wonderful vintage Halloween item. Well, if truth be known, it's difficult for me to pass up some of the new things. I came home with another witch just last week. LOL
    ~ Sarah

  5. great finds! i have the witch hugging the cauldron cup too!

  6. All of your finds are BOO-tiful!