Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halloween Silver

Victorian era silver is my very favorite thing to collect. I especially like anything Gothic or with faces. This is my collection of "Halloween" silver.
A carving set, a large ladle and a pie server.

They are all by Reed & Barton, and they all have a devil-ish face within the ornate design.

Tiny saccharin or pill box. The little figure looks like a cherub from some angles, and like a little devil from others.

A variety of spoons, some from Salem, Mass.

Pair of spooners with a 17th century village scene. A snake oil salesman is selling a treatment to the villagers, and those who try it become ill and are wheeled off in carts.

Gothic style sugar bowl.

Each of the feet have a scary face.

A silver devil shot glass.

The face is on each side and is winking.

Linked up to Silver Sunday, hosted by Gypsy Fish.


  1. Wow, that is an amazing collection! love the sugar bowl and shot glass especially! But those Salem pieces are awesome, too!

  2. Very nice! What amazing finds!

  3. Oh, you have the best collections! These are great fun. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the collection of spoons from Salem. Totally awesome.
    Happy Silver Sunday Halloween! ~ Sarah

  4. This is my first Silver Sunday, and your collection is amazing! Your Devilish Cutlery is perfect for Halloween, lol! I just recently got a little Saccharin/pillbox, but no where near as ornate as yours, it's to die for! Great Set!

  5. Your silver collection is awesome!!

  6. I have never seen pieces like this before. The faces remind me of gargoyles that are on old buildings.


  7. what unusual pieces, how fun to be able to pull those out for the Halloween season. You are a great collector.

  8. I always love seeing your silver pieces. The sugar bowl with the legs is spooky!


  9. I never even knew such things existed!!! These are so awesome...thanks for educating me about some unique silver!!!

  10. Wow, I've never seen such fabulous silver pieces before! They're spooktacular!

  11. The Perfect Fall Silver Post~ I've never come across Silver like this, always just the Pretty or Ornate with Flowers & Such.... Those Gems from Salem are Amazing.... Thanks for Sharing

  12. Awesome collection. I have never seen so many interesting pieces with such scary faces. LOL! Great collection of spoons too! I enjoyed your Halloween silver post very much.

  13. Hi,
    What a fabulous silver collection you have and really beautiful and unusual!
    Love your blog!
    Have a great day.

  14. Great pieces! Thanks for sharing!

  15. I am drooling over your collection! I can't even begin to pick one favorite...I love them ALL! Oh no I'm feeling a new obsession coming on ...I need o find some of those silver spoons.

  16. What a great (and scary) collection. I never knew they made faces on silver. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Wow!! Those are some fascinating and fabulous pieces. I love those Salem spoons ~ very cool collection. The spooners are amazing too ~ what a story on them. Happy SS!

  18. Hello,
    Oh my, this is a fabulous collection. Hard to tell, which one is the best. I love all this faces. In old times they should exorcise evil spirits. Later people used them as an ornament. How funny is the story, told by the pair of spooners with the 17th century village scene. And the shot glass is very impresive. Now I am curious and will have a look at your etsy shop.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful collection.
    Greetings, Johanna

  19. I was on an excursion with a friend this weekend, where we hit every kind of sale from garage sales to an antique show. I made the statement to her "I seem to have an affinity for things with faces." Plus, silver is my favorite thing to collect. I looooooooooove this series of photos here. Great collection. (I saw a ceramic peacock at one of the sales and thought of you.)

  20. Oh such wonderous things! I'm new to your blog - by way of Hyacinth for your Soul. And now I'm off to become a Follower, so I don't miss another thing!

    - The Tablescaper