Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall Outdoor Decor

The hay bale and pumpkins have been bought and put into place on the back porch.

Including my $0.50 thrift store pumpkins - the above light green on the right.

And the two in the middle, dark green and pink.

Lots of little green pumpkins.

These are from the accidental pumpkin patch.

I think that we picked 22 of them - and there are still some out there!

Linked up to Outdoor Wednesday hosted by A Southern Daydreamer.


  1. How beautiful and FUN! I love things like this... Makes the season more fun and eventful!

  2. I love all the pumpkins and how it all looks together. Great job!

  3. A beautiful autumn vignette for your back porch, it sings of the season!. And how fantastic about the "accidental" pumpkin patch. that is a true gift of nature.

  4. That's so bright and welcoming. Very nice.

  5. Beautiful vignette. Love the mix of colors. A pink pumpkin! How about that?

  6. Your outdoor decor is lovely. Don't you just love the accidental surprises that sometimes show up in the garden?

  7. Great Autumn display...I love all the natural things people put out this time of much fun!!