Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Accidental Pumpkins

Last fall, after Halloween, some pumpkins were tossed into the woods at the edge of our backyard. The animals like to snack on them.
This year, a giant pumpkin patch sprung up.

One of the blossoms.

With a tiny pumpkin growing underneath it.

An actual green striped pumpkin.

Some of them are actually big enough to pick!

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  1. How amazing. I probably couldn't get pumpkins to grow if I tried!


  2. Wow I would love a little pumpkin patch in my yard.

  3. That's really a yummy pumpkin,i als0 have pumpkin and sp0nge g0urd at 0ur backyard,haven't p0sted it yet but surely I will s0on