Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shop Update!

I've been updating my Etsy shop over the last few days, here are a few things I've added.
Some monogram flatware, above, a set of 6 teaspoons.

Cute little baby cup, from Denmark. A mother and baby duck on one side, engraved with the name Paul on the other.

Unusual Italian spoons with figural designs, a winged dragon and an eagle.

Gold filigree lipstick holder.

Tiny souvenir statue of The Eiffel Tower.

Pair of silverware holders.

Sweater guard from the 50's.

Trio of sweet spoons - a cream ladle, jelly server and a sugar spoon.

And, set of 8 mini wood salts.


  1. I see lots of pretty silver things!! I need to pay a visit to your shop! :-)


  2. I just visited your shop and there are a few things I will have to come back and get hopefully next week. Glad you posted this update!

    ~ Tracy