Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Sales

There were not too many estate sales this weekend, but there were a few garage sales. One of these garage sales was really good, and I managed to find a few things.
I found 5 matching bowls, they are J & G Meakin, England, in Classic White pattern, which has a scalloped detail on it. They are very simple but very pretty. They were only $0.10 each!! Fifty cents for the lot!
There was also this pretty pastry server, it was very tarnished, but cleaned up very nicely.
Pretty silverplate candy dish. Also tarnished, but for only $1 - could not pass it up!
A Homer Laughlin soup tureen, white with gold trim. It is in very good shape, only a bit of crazing. Only $0.50!
And last, these little stainless steel things. I think they are probably meant for escargot. I have never had escargot and have no idea how one would go about purchasing, cooking, serving or eating them! I assume this is probably related to the cooking part.
I plan to use them for appetizers, such as tomato mozzarella balls, or maybe for chocolate truffles at the holidays.
Hope everyone has a very nice Labor Day!

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  1. escargot.....yum. one of my most favorites!!! you buy them in a can. you make very garlicky garlic butter. you place one in each circle and smear the garlic butter over it. refrigerate until the butter is solid. broil under a broiler until the butter is bubbling. serve hot with butter for dipping. nom nom nom those snails! keep your eye open for some sterling escargot forks. and be careful, they tend to explode when you stick your fork in them!

  2. Love the silver things you found! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I like the candy dish and the pastry server, as well as your tureen. Not too sure I could do the escargot thing, either. LOL I like your idea better!
    :-) Sue

  4. I love your little escargot holders and your idea to use them for something other than escargot. I saw two beautiful soup tureens this weekend as well. But I have a lovely one my mom made in a ceramics class already and I've never used that one. But the one you got is beautiful!

  5. Amazing finds, I just love silver~ shines so pretty in candle light! The soup tureen is gorgeous, what a score!

  6. Love all your finds, I would have bought those bowls too, what a deal. Love to add more white pieces to my white dish collection of everyday china & extra bowls are always great. That Homer Laughlin piece is very pretty too. You did really good this week!

  7. yup, those are for escargots... but i love your idea for using it for other appetizers! Clever!

  8. Oh GOODNESS! everythng you got was so lovely! Especially the tureen!

  9. love the name of your blog. love your finds. love it all!