Thursday, July 4, 2013

Historic Houses

Happy 4th of July! 
I came across an article online showing Historical Houses currently for sale.  I love them all!
Above is the Joseph Norton House in Edgardtown, MA.

 Marquis de Lafayette spend time in the house above in Culpeper, VA.

 This pretty yellow house has connections to Dartmouth University in Landaff, NH.

 The Peggy Stewart House in Annapolis, MD.

The Linsley-Howd Barnhouse in Northford, CT.

Fox Hill Farmhouse in Jamestown, RI.
I think this one looks like the Amityville house!

18th Century estate in Milford, DE.
(All above images from Yahoo Homes/Zillow)

Here in Minnesota, we have recently had many historical houses demolished or destroyed.  Above is the George Peavey Mansion in Minneapolis.  While the house still stands, much of the beautiful interior and exterior has been torn down and destroyed.  Very sad.
See more pictures here:  1889 Victorian House Restoration Blog.

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  1. Wonderful colonial homes, gorgeous pictures. Sad about the destruction of some of these historic beauties.