Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Surprise

I love when surprises arrive in the mail around Christmas time. This beautiful basket came from my pal octoberfarm, who is famous for her amazing baskets filled with goodies.

It was packed full with wonderful cheeses, really nice teak cutting board.

The best blueberry spread I have ever tried, honey mustard, artichoke spread.

A really good olive oil, balsamic glaze, white truffle honey (can't wait to try this).

Figs, salami, prosciutto .

Amaretti cookies, a topping for brie, more great cheese.

Some lovely cheese knives and spreaders, cheese markers,

Italian pasta,

Almond nougat candy in the best packaging.

These are all the individual wrapped candies.

Best basket - ever!

And the basket happened to arrive at the best possible time...right before a huge snowstorm.
The cheese on the right, with the Christmas tree design was my very favorite - but I can't remember what it was called!

We had 17" of snow and were snowed in all weekend.
This is the blueberry spread over some brie cheese. Yum!
Thanks octoberfarm!!!!!


  1. That blueberry spread looks yummy! I cannot say I am a fan of brie cheese and I usally love any kind of cheese!!

  2. Yummy and yummy again!!What a great basket to have when you are snowed in! Goody for you in more ways than one!! Enjoy.

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  4. that looks wonderful congrats and enjoy on your snowy day :)