Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Estate Sale Chair

I found this chair at an estate sale, and thought it had lots of potential.... it had definitely seen better days. The wood had many cracks in it, one of the rails was broken, and it was filthy.
I started by cleaning it up, and removing all of the old tweed fabric. Next, I filled in any cracks with wood fill, glued and clamped the rail, painted the frame and replaced the foam and batting.

Next, I stapled on the fabric, which is a vintage floral pattern I found at an Occasional Sale*. I covered up any seams and staples by hot gluing on a black velvet trim. Finished product:

*Occasional Sales are becoming more and more popular - and an excellent resource for unique furniture and more. They are antique sale/flea markets that happen on occasion (usually a few days once a month). Country Living Magazine has a great article about them in their July issue.

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