Monday, November 12, 2012

Holiday Serving Pieces

 There have been lots of estate sales recently.  I've been on the lookout for some interesting serving pieces to use for the holidays.  

 Cute little embossed salt dish.

 A group of serving pieces including cranberry server, tomato server, small fork, cake breaker and condiment ladle.

 This little ladle will be great for serving gravy.

 The ladle is engraved "J.M."   The cranberry server has a figural turkey design on the handle.  

The tomato server. 

 A group of silverplate and glass coasters.

They will be perfect for serving small hors d'oeuvres or desserts, like these mini cupcakes.

Lucite and Sterling handle cake breaker.  Cake Breakers are used to break apart delicate cakes, such an angel food cake.
 Cute little Gin plate.

 And my favorite recent find.  Pair of sterling silver barrettes engraved Betty Lou.


  1. great finds and the jm piece is perfect!

  2. I am glad you informed us about the cake breaker. When I first saw it my first thought was "what is that?". Then I scrolled on through your blog and you let us know exactly what the piece is used for. I have never seen one before. I love these kinds of interesting serving pieces. I love your serving utensils! Great finds!

  3. Wonderful finds. It is great that in the "old days" they had special utensils and dishes for each item of food. I love the tomato server and thanks for describing the cake breaker, had no idea how to operate that!! Awesome post!!