Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Silver

 Thanksgiving is already tomorrow!  I have decided to get out some of my favorite Antique Serving Pieces to use. 
The Victorians had a serving piece for every type of food - so I try to use unusual pieces - not necessarily for their originally intended uses.

 This is a Victorian carving set.

 They have an ornate design with Gothic Faces on the handles.

A tiny condiment ladle, gravy ladle, sugar spoon and pastry server.

 A vegetable serving fork, tomato/cranberry round server, and a nut cracker.

 A bonbon server, large waffle server and cocktail fork.

 Variety of tongs - pickle tongs, pastry tongs and sugar tongs.

 The pickle tongs have hands for grabbers.

A toast rack and butter knife.

And my favorite monogrammed flatware. 
Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Oh, these are some gorgeous pieces. Love the Gothic faces. ;-)
    Enjoy the holidays ~ Sarah

  2. love the silver! i love the gothic faces too!