Sunday, April 10, 2011

Silver Sunday Easter Edition

I gathered up all of my Easter related silver for Silver Sunday.

A couple of different rabbit napkin rings.

This one has the bunny etched into it.

A silverplate egg cup tray.

The tray has little pegs, and the cups have holes, so they don't slide around. Very clever.

Bunny spoons.

A little chick hatching out of it's egg. The details are great - you can see it's little foot poking out of the cracked shell.
And the bowl of the spoon reads EASTER.

Linked up to Silver Sunday, hosted by Gypsy Fish.


  1. What fun silver for Easter. Those spoons are darling. I have my husbands baby spoon that features a rabbit. I use it for a sugar shell. ;-)
    Thanks for sharing. You always have something wonderful. ~ Sarah

  2. You have some great silver Easter pieces! I love the different napkin rings and the spoon with Easter on the bowl was just beautiful!

  3. I love the napkin rings. You have some gorgeous things!!

  4. Your easter silver is unique! I love the bunny spoons!!

  5. Wow! You really do love silver!! You have wonderful specialties. Love your bunnies.