Sunday, March 13, 2011

Victorian Lady Figural Spoons

One of my favorite personal collections is my lady figural spoons, particularly Victorian era.

A 1906 graduation spoon. The '06 date is engraved on her diploma.

Initials are engraved in the bowl of the spoon.

A little mustard scoop spoon with a medallion figure.

A really detailed spoon.

The back is simply marked Fairy.

A chocolate spoon - from Sorority Chocolate Series, early 1900's.

I found a magazine ad for the chocolates - it is dated 1907 - 1912 (found here).

The back of the spoon reads: Sorority Chocolates Series.

And a sugar spoon, in the Siren pattern by 1847 Rogers Bros. One of my favorite patterns, but very hard to find.

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  1. I sooo like those spoons...the engraving is very pretty!

    Great collection...

  2. Yay your back! What an amazing collection....I don't know which one I like best....perhaps all of them. Just gorgeous!

  3. I really like these. The chocolate spoon is my favorite.

  4. Sorry I'm so late viewing this wonderful post. Just not much time on the computer these days.
    I've never seen this type of spoon. Absolutely wonderful! Thanks for showing these. I think the graduation spoon is my favorite, but they are all true treasures. You have the most wonderful collections. ~ Sarah