Sunday, November 14, 2010

Silver Sunday

These are some of my silver finds over the last few weeks.

Curved handle pastry server. I'm not sure of the proper name for these, but I like to use them for small desserts. I thought I used them on my last dessert buffet, but I couldn't find a picture. I pick these up whenever I see them, which isn't often. This one is made in England.

Double handle sugar bowl, with a great design. This piece was made in the late 1800's and is in amazing shape. I thought when I bought it the design was cherries, but now I think it it apples.

A handful of flatware, some of it monogrammed, my favorite.

Pair of large ice or sugar cube grabber tongs. Probably good for pickles too.

And a Christmas tree toast rack.

It will be perfect to put Christmas cards, or even better, vintage Christmas postcards like above. Of course also great to serve Christmas morning toast.

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  1. Love you silver finds. The Christmas toast holder is wonderful. I have a silver toast holder and now you have given me an idea for it!

  2. I love the christmas tree toast/card holder, and the apple creamer. Beautiful stuff. How do you keep all your silver so beautiful? I used to hate polishing silver when I was growing up.

  3. These are the most incredible silver finds yet. Love, love, love the little cup with the beautiful detail work. Like you, I pick up little pastry servers when I find them and use them often. The Christmas toast rack is certainly perfect for the upcoming holidays. Thanks for sharing your recent finds. ~ Sarah

  4. Great silver finds. The apple/cherry bowl is very pretty.

  5. I have a thing for toast's sort of silly because I really don't NEED them!!

    Great finds!


  6. Great silver finds!!!! I LOVE the toast rack; I 've been looking for one for myself.
    Beautiful sugar bowl too; and I agree, I think they are apples.

  7. Oh my gosh! I love that Christmas tree toast rack. Simply adorable with the vintage post cards.

  8. I think it's safe to say that you have created a monster in me (LOL) with your toast rack. I have added them to my shopping/searching radar! I must have one for our Christmas cards this year.